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This week we are giving all of the small appliances in our kitchen some attention.

Decluttering and Cleaning Your Small Appliances | Homemaker Helps from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Everyone has some small appliances in their kitchens – from microwaves to mixers. But when is the last time you really gave them a good cleaning?

This is pretty straight forward.

Small Appliances

  1. Pull out all of your small appliances. Take stock of what ones you have. Do you have any that you never use? If so, then why are they taking residence in your home? If you never use them, give them away or donate them to charity.
  2. Give each small appliance a good cleaning. Most of the time this can be done by wiping them down with hot, soapy water and a scrubby sponge. You can also use cleaning spray and paper towels if needed. Clean the entire appliance, top to bottom, including wiping down the power cord.
  3. To make cleaning the inside of your microwave easy, fill a large bowl with 4 cups of water. Add in 1/4 cup of white vinegar. Microwave it for 3 or 4 minutes or until you can see it starting to boil, and the inside of the window starts getting steamy, then leave it in there for 20 minutes with the door closed. Then wipe it all down inside with a sponge. Don’t forget the “ceiling” of the microwave. The steam will loosen any food particles and make them come off easier.

There you go! Next week will be the last challenge for the kitchen. Afterward we’ll be moving to the laundry room.

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