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Graduation is a special time for any high school student. For homeschoolers, graduation may look a little different…


…Kind of like everything about homeschooling. If we were in a co-op up here like we were in North Carolina, we probably would have had a formal ceremony. But instead, we did what many homeschool families do. We had a nice, private “ceremony” of our own.
March may seem like a strange time of year for a high school graduation, but Jennifer worked very hard to complete her work ahead of schedule, doing extras lessons, and even working on the weekends.
She wanted her father to be here for it, instead of just hearing about it from Iraq.
A month or so ago, we mailed out graduation announcements to all of our friends and family. Inside each announcement was a collage photo of various photos we took on our Senior Photo Shoot.
Then yesterday, our family went out to eat at a nice local restaurant along the river. I had called the day before to reserve a table near the windows, so I could have good light, but that probably would not have been an issue. The whole place was very bright and sunny.
We ordered our food, and then my daughter went and put on her cap and gown. We went outside onto the deck, and we, her parents, presented her highschool diploma to her.
The turning of the tassel.

Afterwards, we went inside and ate our meal, and Jennifer opened her cards and gifts.
Then we took the “menfolk” home, and Jennifer and I headed out for some picture taking. Here are a few of the pics…










Whatever happened to my little “pumpkin butt?”


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