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We spent the evening in Fort Nelson, and enjoyed this beautiful rainbow just before we went to bed.


The next morning, we got up and got on the road to Dawson Creek. We spent the night there at the “Mile 0 RV Park.” I wasn’t impressed with that place. The park itself looked nice enough, grassy, some trees, etc. But the bathrooms/showers/laundry smelled and looked like an old city park public bathroom. One of those bathrooms you never want to use. I can handle old facilities, but not yucky, dirty ones. Needless to say, we didn’t do our laundry there, and held off to the next place we stopped.

The morning in Dawson City, my daughter and I got up before everyone else, and did a little sight-seeing and geocaching around town.








In Dawson Creek, there are murals all over the place. It was pretty net to see them.





This particular mural had something interesting embedded in it.


The mural was painted on the outside of the Alaska House museum. A little museum dedicated to the story of the building of the Alaska Highway. It was really cool!


The geocache was actually hidden somewhere in the museum. You had to search for it and find it, but the people that worked there would give you a hint if you needed it. We found it in minutes though with our trained geocache-seeking eyes!


There it is!



The next leg of the trip took us to Prince George,, BC. We saw some more critters along this stretch!

3 thoughts on “PCS 2013: Day 5 | Dawson Creek, British Columbia”

  1. I visited Dawson City years and years ago. It was pretty much the armpit of the world then. But, boy does it look nice now. I'm impressed.

  2. Welcome to PG!!!…my home,we love it here,the quiet etc,were outside of town,in Nukko Lk.and wildlife hopped down our driveway this morning!..have a safe trip!!!


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