PCS: Day 22 – The Final Portion of our AMAZING Move to Alaska!

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On our first morning in Alaska, we woke up and saw the strangest rainbow-light “thing” over near the horizon. We later learned that it was a “sun dog.’” The first of many,


Tok, Alaska is jokingly called the “car-washing central” for the Alaskan Highway. I wonder why.


Scenery on the drive from Tok to Fairbanks.




Just outside of Delta Junction, we saw a HUGE moose. When we stopped to take a picture, it took off down the trail.


Officially reaching the END of the Alaskan Highway, there is a visitor center with some fun displays.

Alaska is known for its huge mosquitoes.

And when we mean huge, we mean HUGE!

The wildlife up here doesn’t play!


A display about the Alaskan Pipeline.


A “Scraper Pig” for the pipeline.


This is it! The end of the Alaskan Highway. A short time later we reached our final destination of Ft. Wainwright & Fairbanks, Alaska. We have now begun our house-hunting phase, and this may be the most daunting task of the entire expedition.


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