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This past week has been incredibly busy. Last weekend we made the final leg of our trip from Tennessee down to Rocket City, USA – aka. Huntsville, Alabama.

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We got the keys to our new home first thing Monday morning. Then my hubby headed over to sign into his new job, and I headed to the new house to get it ready for the movers. The very next morning on Tuesday, they came! As they pulled items off the truck, I marked the numbers off on the inventory list. As you can see…it was a long day. A long HOT day.


And since Tuesday, we have been busily working, unpacking boxes, figuring out where to put everything in this significantly smaller house. And speaking of smaller… I now have the second smallest kitchen I think I have ever had. Oh my goodness gracious! It’s going to be an adventure, cooking in this kitchen, that is for sure – but I’ll make it work!

There were a couple crates that the movers didn’t open – namely the special crates that were built for things like the moose head. They had to wait for a third party – the company that built them – to send someone out to open them. Well, after a couple days of no contact – we told them we weren’t waiting anymore and would photograph the process. They were fine with that.


For the most part, almost everything made it whole and in one piece. But I can say that the packers really left me scratching my head about a few things. Things they took apart…completely. Some things were okay, but others weren’t. Like an antique lamp that they disassembled. They ripped the original felt paper bottom off it to access the bolt inside the lamp. What were they thinking!? And then the bow that holds the lamp shade on it is missing. Ahh, the joys of moving. Now if only we could get them to come back and pick up all the flipping boxes!


But the house is just about done, and soon, very soon, I will be back to cooking great meals and sharing yummy recipes with you – and I miss the Sunday Supper crew!

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  1. This is really hectic to reassemble the things after a move especially when mover have made them a little bit complicated. But in case of this lamp might be the mover boy is not technical enough to reassemble the lamp and want you to do yourself due to delicacy of the same.


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