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Last weekend, we went on a little drive to North Pole to visit “Christmas in Ice” and see all the lovely sculptures.

This one reminds me of the Willow Tree statues.


How about Shrek, Puss, Donkey and Gingy?
Of course there was also a maze and some sled hills built.
We went into the tent for some hot cocoa….and Jack has hit that age that all mothers love. You know the one…where you want to smack them every time you pull out a camera because you get the “Mom! Seriously!? Do you have to take pictures of EVERYTHING look?” Yeah…that age.
I’m so glad my other two skipped that phase :) But as you can see…..Dad is not appreciating this weather.
Going from the hot desert of Iraq straight into sub-freezing temperatures in Alaska is kind of hard to adjust to.
Back outside….you can’t have Christmas in Ice without Santa…..surfing!
And a picture in Mr. & Mrs. Claus’ chairs.


Afterwards, we went next door to “Santa Claus House.” Shortly after walking in, I wondered why I had waited to come here before now! Tons of really cool gifts, ACTUALLY made in Alaska!!! I know where I’ll be shopping next year!
But the biggest hit…the big Moose.
Joshua really loved the moose.
And the moose loved Joshua, too.

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