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Last weekend, some old friends invited my husband and me to go to Sunday Brunch with them out at a classic Alaska place, we had never been to.


Let me just say, that our family rarely eats out. My husband and I will go out on a “date” once in a great while, and we will go out as a family once in a great while as well. We almost NEVER go to the same place twice, because frankly we are usually disappointed and don’t want to spend time and money for food we aren’t impressed with.

A few months ago, my husband and I went out for dinner, and for the first time in years were actually impressed with the food, and couldn’t wait to go again! That was at Lavelle’s Bistro, downtown Fairbanks.

Well, Sunday we went to this old-timey place called the F.E. Co. Gold Camp, located at Mile 28 of the Steese Highway. It is an old gold mining camp with equipment all over the place, rustic cabins, an old school, a hotel and all of the other mining buildings. The hotel is a big metal building, with the rooms being upstairs and the downstairs being a restaurant.

The couple we were with have been here since the 70s and were friends of my in-laws when they were stationed here back then. The moment we walked in the door, it was clear that they were regulars there, as the owners & staff knew them by name, and were catching up on family and news.

The Sunday brunch is a buffet, and let me tell you…they don’t skimp. There was salad, fresh fruit, French Toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, two kinds of sausage, biscuits & gravy, Reindeer Meatloaf, Salmon and much more. And by the way, there were 3 different desserts to choose from. I had “Blueberry Swirl Pie.”


The food reminded me of the kind of things you would have, eating in your Grandma’s kitchen…assuming Grandma cooks reindeer & salmon!

And to make the experience even more enjoyable, while eating a great meal in a great place, with wonderfully friendly people…you are entertained with live music!


By the way, the guy on the left is the cook!

As we enjoyed the meal, I commented on how this would be the perfect place to take my parents out when they come up next summer. That is when I was given some very sad news. After having been open for years and years, this is the last summer they will be open. They are selling the entire property. How awful!!!

So I guess we will have to enjoy it while we can. For all my local friends…if you haven’t been, you must!


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