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I have some sad news to share. Today we said goodbye to our little buddy Bear.

Bear, or “bear-bear” as we always called him, came to live with us the day after my husband deployed for the very first time to Iraq. He was my companion, my buddy, he shared our bed, and I cried countless tears into his fur. He was there for me.


He was at the same time the bravest little dog who thought he was a big dog, and the biggest wimp you ever saw.


He barked at moose, and ran at mastiffs, barking his head off while the mastiffs just stared at him like “What ARE you?”


He thought he needed to protect everyone from danger – whether real or only in his head. I’ll never forget the time he charged at a neighbor’s hissing, arched-backed, wooden Halloween cat, barking his head off like a pro…while a real cat moseyed on by completely ignored.


He hiked miles and miles with us, and had more energy than anything that size should be allowed to have. He braved –60 degrees and gobs of snow in Alaska, and traveled thousands of miles with us.


He wasn’t afraid of anything.


Except haircuts. Clippers and scissors terrified him and he would cry like you were killing him. So for 11 years I gave this pitiful little puppy haircuts with…I kid you not…cuticle scissors.


Living the army life and moving as much as we do, family members like Bear are one of the few “constants” in our lives.

I’m going to miss you sweetheart!


17 thoughts on “Goodbye my Little Buddy”

  1. I am SO sorry for your loss, my friend. What a sweet little guy and what a beautiful tribute to him. Prayers for your family as you navigate through the loss of a constant companion and family member.
    I’m so glad you shared about Bear Bear. I loved getting a glimpse into his world. xoxo

  2. Bear was such a cutie and looks like he had a lot of courage. So sorry for the pain you and your family are going through. We love our pets so much like our children and they are truly a big part of the family.

    My little guy passed last week and I’m still in mourning mode and will be there for a while. What makes it worse is his sissy is not feeling well and may pass soon. We are making her comfortable and letting her know how much we love her, however will not let her suffer at all when the time comes. This is so hard.

    Constance, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya, Jodi

  3. How incredibly sad. My heart aches for you and your family. Our pets are as loved as much as any other family member. They ask for little and give so much.

  4. Constance,
    I am sorry to hear of your loss of Bear-Bear; may the warm happy memories comfort you through this sad time.

  5. Oh Constancee, I’m so sorry. Our fur babies are as much a part of our family as any child could be. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your family. {{{HUGS}}}

  6. I do not comment often on your site. I love visiting but I could not just read this one without commenting.

    I am so sorry for your loss Constancee. He was such an adorable little guy.

  7. Constance, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I hope Bear is having the time of his after-life at the Rainbow Bridge. I’m glad you have so many amazing memories of him. Thinking about losing our fur babies (I HATE thinking about Abby getting old and passing) brings me to tears. I’m sending you lots of love and hugs!

  8. Our pets are so much our children too. It is so painful to have to say good-by to them. We pray that God will comfort you and your family as you go through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  9. Sorry for your loss! I love your blog, and you seem lovely. I know any loss takes time. ..I hope you feel better soon.


  10. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my little dog a couple of months ago. He had became our little old man. He was 13 and that is old for a Shi Tzu. Be comforted, and bless you for all you do for us out here learning from you daily. You have so much courage.

    • Thank you so much Mona! That’s what we called Bear – “old man.” He had no teeth and was losing both his sight and his hearing. But he had tons of energy and nothing slowed him down until this week. He was a trooper! :)


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