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The other day we drove northeast to come visit Mamaw & Papaw. We came up to put the boys to work and help get some things done out in the yard.

Papaw’s little shadow was out helping supervise the yard work.


Just down the road from my in-laws’ house is an adorable little baby. So cute!



The “menfolk” burning brush.


Mamaw and I headed out yesterday to do a little geocaching. We tried to get her to the benchmark of 1000 finds but…two of the finds we did yesterday she had already logged a long time ago. So today we MUST go out and get two more! Who could stop at just 998?

This gorgeous old house is right next to the DMV and is now used as a doctor’s office. This was right by one of our “finds’’ yesterday.


I for one am grateful for the cooler weather that we are enjoying this weekend. I know it isn’t going to stick around long!

What are you all up to today?

3 thoughts on “Visiting in East Tennessee”

  1. Loved the pictures Constance, thank you. The old house is beautiful.
    My husband and I went to Smashburger and ate ‘al fresco’. It’s a beautiful day here in Houston. Burger was delicious; blue cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce, red onion and 1/3 pound delicious angus beef, cooked perfectly
    East Tennessee is very pretty, we went through Tennesse 2 weeks ago on our way to visit our son in Kentucky (Owensboro). Love the hills, and sometime want to visit the Smoky Mountains.

  2. Beautiful Constance. Thank you. Just a regular weekend here. My husband is very difficult to get along with. He has dementia and has had it for several years now and getting more obnoxious every day as he’s also a heavy drinker. I do my best to stay positive and happy.


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