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After hiking on Angel Rock Trail, we enjoyed some time at the river where we camped.

There was a small section where we had to wade across a waterway to get to the actual shore of the river. Rubber boots came in handy here. Joshua dramatically made a big deal about not having his hat on in the picture.


Joshua’s favorite new waterside pass-time seems to be skipping rocks. There you can see him examining the shore for perfect rocks.

Jack….fishing as usual.

In that photo, if you take another look at the hillside in the background, you can see evidence of some of the wildfires last summer. It was pretty wide-spread up here.

Skipping rocks, of course.

Now I LOVED this. We all wanted to go across to the rocky shore, but Jennifer doesn’t have boots yet. The plan, was to have us cross, and someone pass a pair back for her to cross with, then she could put her normal boots back on. Joshua had a better idea.

Back at the site….enjoying a campfire.

When going through the photos…I noticed this down in the corner of one of them. Griff was plumb tuckered out from the hike up the mountain.

Now over the course of the evening, it began to very lightly rain off an on. Up-river, it stormed. When we got up in the morning, all of this rocky shoreline that you can see Joshua striding across, was under water! I’m so glad we had gotten our lawn chairs and fishing gear from over there before going to sleep.
In the morning, we headed to a nearby “official” campground to use the bathroom, and throw away our garbage in the bear-safe bins. I snapped this photo of the lovely little lake.

It was a wonderful little trip.

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