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As many of you know, our unit is in the midst of a deployment.

Well, last night, us Cav Wives got together to celebrate that we are somewhere around Half Way through it.
And it involved an army of chickens!

It also involved lots of socializing!

And maybe a smidgen of “spirits”
The lovely hostess on the left…..she is such a beautifully creative soul. She was the hostess for the “Ya Ya” party we had in January, and it was a blast. I thank her for inspiring me to start painting again.
Some of the ladies celebrated the “Half Way” party by a “cheers” of half-shots.
To be followed by “whole shots” when our soldiers finally come home…
The celebration also involved some fun cakes!

…the King of all Smokers!
And lots of food. It was almost like Thanks Giving!
As always, it was a wonderful, wonderful time of “sisterhood” fellowship.

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