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Now whenever I talk about going “home” I always say “Wisconsin” because that is where I grew up. But a few years after I left home, my parents moved to the other side of town, which happens to be in another state.

After leaving Indianapolis, we headed north towards the Chicago area. At one point we drove through a sea of these. As far as the eyes could see, for miles and miles.


Eventually we saw this.


Lake Michigan in the distance.


The White Sox’s Stadium


The Chicago skyline.


The famous Sears Tower. I remember going in this several times when I was young.


We finally arrived, and all went out to a local restaurant. Joshua jumped in Grandma’s COOL CAR.


Home Sweet Home.


The sunset as we headed back.


Overall it was a good day, minus the NIGHTMARE traffic in Chicago, or the fact that we had to pay about triple the amount for tolls on I-90 because we were pulling a camper. Oy!

Three driving days done, 15 more to go.

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