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Take some time this week to give your kitchen cabinets a good overhaul. They are often neglected, but today is their day!

Tips for Decluttering & Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Now we have already dove into the cabinet under the sink, and those of you that use cabinets for your pantry have already taken care of those. This week we are going to look at the rest of the cabinets. Depending upon the size of your kitchen, this may be an “all week” challenge that you need to tackle a little bit each day. Or of course, you can set aside an afternoon or morning to do all of them.

The Cabinets

  1. Empty one entire cabinet, placing the contents on your table or counter.
  2. Wipe down all of the shelves.
  3. Replace the shelf liner if you use it and if necessary. * NOTE:  Need a cheap and easy shelf liner? Use Parchment or Freezer paper. It is easy to cut, and inexpensive to purchase. A single roll will go a long way. There’s also no adhesive to wrestle with. Gravity will hold the paper in place, and the objects on top will anchor it down as well.
  4. Clean the outside of your cabinet doors. I usually just use a sponge or rag with hot soapy water, and dry them off as I go. If you have wood cleaner or anything else you like to use, that is certainly fine. Those cabinet doors often get quite dirty, but we don’t usually notice until we really look. Then we’re like, “How did I not see that!?” Well, we do today! Knock it out.
  5. As you are cleaning out your cabinets, look at where things are placed. Need to relocate some things to make it more streamlined or easy? Now is the time. Are your coffee cups on the opposite side of your kitchen from your coffee maker? Are your plates too far from your dish rack or dishwasher? If there are changes you can do to make things easier. Do it!
  6. As you return your items to their nice, clean cabinets…inventory the items as well. I decided recently that I really didn’t need anywhere near as many glasses as I had. It was ridiculous how many drinking glasses I had acquired. I did a huge purge and donated all of my extras to a local charity that could use them.
  7. Repeat this process with all of your cabinets.
  8. Have drop-down cabinets with storage up above? Don’t forget to clean up there, but please do it safely.

Next week we will be moving on to the Laundry Room.

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