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One of my goals for 2017 has been to do a series of Homemaker Helps focusing on decluttering. I don’t know about you, but it seems like clutter has a way of multiplying at night and exploding every day – all over the house. So rather than get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, I decided to create weekly challenges. Some will be big challenges, others not so much.

Decluttering Your Kitchen Drawers | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

Decluttering Your Kitchen Drawers | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

If you find this to be something you are continually dealing with, then I encourage you to join in and do these weekly goals. Get your home tidy and clutter-free one little bite at a time.

To begin, this week and the next few weeks will focus on challenges that are centered on the kitchen. We’ll work on one thing each week, and fight the clutter war, one battle at a time.

The Kitchen Drawers

  1. Take each drawer and completely empty it out. You can do this one at a time. Wipe the drawer out with a damp rag or sponge to remove crumbs or dust that has gathered.
  2. Look at what was in each drawer. Are the contents what are actually supposed to be in there? Do you have knives in the gadget drawer? Are there receipts or other things that got tucked in drawers. Put them where they go!
  3. Before putting your contents back in the drawers, are your “drawers” where they should be? For example, keep your knife drawer where you work. You shouldn’t have to walk across the kitchen to get a knife when your cutting board is on the other side. So think about placement while you are decluttering them, and whether you can make improvements or not.
  4. Finally look at the contents themselves. Do you need 35 soup spoons? Do you need 4 can openers? Got gadgets that you haven’t used in years – or even forgot what they do? They why do you have them!? They are just taking up prime real estate in your kitchen. If you have redundancy or an overabundance in your kitchen drawers, take the extras that you don’t need and donate them to a local charity.

I will be doing the challenges myself each week as well, and I hope that you join in!

Do you have any tips that you can share for keeping kitchen drawers straight and organized? Be sure to share in the comments below.



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