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Are you like me? Do you get a horrible case of the guilt trips every time you throw away a whole pile of food scraps?

Hello! This post about a Home-Made Compost Tumbler steadily remains one of my most visited posts of all time. So all of you that routinely come here for this post…Welcome!

For some time I have wanted to build a compost bin.

So here is my new compost tumbler, based upon a craigslist free tip to “save your money, make your own compost!” There is a very helpful person that likes to post tips on our local craigslist, in the farm & garden section. He (or she) is full of good, frugal advice!
But the basics are:
1) Get a pickle barrel.
2) Drill a bunch of holes using a 1/2 inch drill bit.





And you’re done!

You can build a stand if you want, add a crank, and all that….but why not just have the kids roll it across the yard once in a while?
If you do want one with a stand, here’s a website with some directions for that:

Make a Compost Tumbler

Total cost:
Commercial compost tumbler: $130+
Home made compost tumbler: $12.00 for a pickle barrel from the local farm supply/feed store.
Here’s another simple way of doing a compost bin.

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