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When all of my children were done with their competitions, they found other things to do.

My daughter and her friend took a nap.


I enjoyed the scenery.




Some of the parents found a place to relax.



My youngest?

Well, we call him a fishing fool for very good reason.

The cup sitting next to him has minnows in it.


And where did he get the minnows?

You see his wet hat laying next to him?


All good country boys know that a hat is also a ready-to-go minnow net. Just take it off your head, scoop up minnows along the shore and let your hat dry while you fish.

Then just throw it back on your head until next time.

No need to wash it. It was only lake water.


And my elder son?

Well….. he decided to take a bath.


In his clothes.


And he wasn’t alone.


And at the end of the day, my youngest got his very first medal! A silver medal for second place in rifle.


And my older son’s shotgun team tied for first place!

I’m not sure what was up with my son. Either he was in shock that they got 1st, or there is lake water stuck in his ears.


They celebrated by throwing the “perfect score shotgun boy” in the lake.

The end.

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