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Catchy title huh?

Well, to clarify, this is about our shooting sports club.

In our book, “Kids & Guns” are a good combination.

Yesterday was the state 4-H shooting sports competition. Kids came from all over the state to compete, and this was our third year being a part of it. We have a blast every year.

HA! HA! HA! HA!!!

A BLAST! Get it?

This year, my youngest decided to compete in both the shotgun and rifle disciplines. Yesterday, his rifle team was in the very first round. Talk about being nervous! Here he was waiting for everyone to go up on line.


Coming back from writing his name on his target.


In the rifle discipline, they shoot 5 times standing, 5 times kneeling, 5 times sitting, and then 5 times prone = 20 shots in all.





He scored a 134 out of possible 200, and got 2 bull’s-eyes.

My daughter’s rifle team was in the next relay. Here they are waiting for their turn. You can see off on the left, a gentleman inspecting a rifle. All participants have their firearms go through a safety inspection, and then sit in the waiting area. Once all the rifles are inspected, they get a briefing, and then they go compete. Same goes for all the disciplines.



This is my daughter’s dear friend, Emma. She’s looking like one tough cookie that no one wants to mess with….but really, she is a darling!


My daughter.



Four little shooters, all in a row.


My daughter scored a 131 out of 200.

This young man competed last year, and went to nationals! He is one heck of a rifleman.


This year he scored a 192 out of 200. Bull’s-eye after bull’s-eye. Needless to say, he took first place.

Behind the rifle area, there’s quite an audience.


No pressure.

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