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Last week I shared some photos of a moose in our back yard.

Well, the very next day, there was not only a moose out there, but a moose with her yearling baby bull. When I woke up, I looked out the window and there they were, bedded down by the crab apple trees.



Then they got up and started munching, working their way along the row of crab apple trees.DSC_0012 - Copy (2)_edited-1-1







Smile for the camera!


And then this morning, again…Moose!  This time a single cow was out there bedded down for about 2 hours. Then she got up and started snacking away at the crab apple trees as well.


When she got up, we noticed something.


Take a look at that belly!


Pretty sure that’s a mama in waiting!


So I sit here, sipping my coffee and watching her out the window. This never gets old.

4 thoughts on “Moose in the Morning”

  1. These are gorgeous ~ I spent a few months in northern MN back a few years ago & always hoped I would see a real, live moose … Never did, though :-(
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  2. This is so cool! I grew up in Upper Michigan and we do have moose but they're not super common. I have yet to see one but I'm dying to see some soon. Thanks for sharing!
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