Oh Aurora, I will Miss You Too!

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Yesterday morning, I made a comment on a facebook page that I hoped to get another good show before we leave Alaska.

Now that spring is here, the light is returning at a super fast pace, gaining about 7 minutes a day – and soon we won’t be able to see the Aurora anymore.

Well, she must have heard me, because she came out to dance!




Meanwhile over my head…



These are a little blurry – but she even blushed! See the pinks?



I caught a shooting star.



I am going to miss this!


6 thoughts on “Oh Aurora, I will Miss You Too!”

  1. You have seen beauty that I will never be able to see. What a wonderful, exciting life you are living.
    Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.
    God bless you as you look forward to new and exhilarating experiences.


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