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Over the weekend, my husband and sons and I, headed out to Fort Greely…around a hundred miles south of where we live, to go on a hunting trip.

It was opening day of the general season for moose here in Alaska. We saw lots of them, too!




But believe it or not, we couldn’t shoot these. They were on the wrong side of the road.



Or they were too big and too small.



Yes, you read that correctly. Too big AND too small. You see, the moose had to be male, and they had to either be young and small….or big and monstrous. You couldn’t shoot the in-between males.

But…..the hunt was successful in the end!



I took some pictures of the “menfolk” with the moose.






And after the photo ops….the real work was going to begin.

Harvesting an 1,100 lb animal!



Note: I will post the photos of the harvesting process in a separate post. If you are squeamish, please refrain from reading that one.

~ end public service announcement ~

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