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On Day 9 of our trip, we got up from the Fort Lewis Army Travel Camp, and headed south on I-5, hoping to have less traffic than we did the day before. Joshua snapped this photo as we were loading up to go. None of us had had coffee yet. Us without coffee…not a good thing. But I must say, I did get my yummy Washington coffee shortly after that.


I snapped this with my phone as we drove through Portland, Oregon.

When we arrived at our destination (On The River Golf & RV Resort) we were greeted by the sweetest lady. When she found out that we were Army, she was so tickled! She gave us a huge hug, thanking us for being an Army family. She walked us to our site, and was so happy we had come through. I seriously about choked up, she was so incredibly adorable.

And we were doubly glad we picked this particular place. It is a beautiful location, with a stocked fishing pond for the kids, a 6 hole golf mini-course and a lovely setting in the countryside.


And as the name suggests, it is right on a river.


Looking at fish and crawdads. They’ve missed those.



I love seeing green things and wildflowers. Today, it snowed in Fairbanks. I don’t know if they are even going to get a summer this year!

DSC_2428_edited-1 copy

Despite his serious face, Hickory actually really likes the camper now. I doubt he will ever like the truck, though he seems to finally be used to the routine now after over a week on the road. However, tolerating it and liking it are definitely two different animals all together. But in the camper, he gets to enjoy the fresh air, sunshine (when we have it) and lots of windows to look out, with other things he has missed…squirrels, birds and other moving things.


Our next leg of the trip will take us through the Redwood Forest, and into California!

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