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Please excuse me if I take a moment to brag on my son today. Last weekend, he competed in the State Junior Olympics.


For years in North Carolina, we were involved in shooting sports, but his love was for shotgun & skeet. This year he decided to join the local rifle team. Not only was this his first year doing this, but he was doing this as a Senior. In just a short time, he qualified for Varsity, and as if that wasn’t enough to make mama proud, he went on to compete in the State Junior Olympics.



Do you see that tiny little 2 inch black dot he is shooting at?






Look at that grouping!



At the end of the three days of shooting, it was time for the results.



After only about 4 months of competing in rifle, my son Joshua got the bronze in small bore. I am so proud of him.




He couldn’t possibly keep a straight face for long.





The Gold winner had already jumped on a plane to head back to his village somewhere out on the ice covered tundra.






Thanks for letting me brag a little!

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