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8 thoughts on “Steadfast – A Bible Devotional Video”

  1. Where are the maccabees found in the Bible. I find two chapters in the Catholic Bible. But surely they are at least mentioned in the KJV and the Jewish Bible. But I can’t find out where.

  2. Greetings Constance,

    About a week ago I found your blog while researching how to create a blog geared for military families. I was looking for quality examples. Yours was found in a list of about five top military blogs.

    I “happened” upon this devotional today, 21 Sept., and listened. I think you’re speaking words of wisdom. Thank you. I have had recent breakthroughs in some areas of struggle that were rooted much deeper than I realized; decades old roots.

    This devotional, in the word of God, helps redirect my mind to Truth.

    Thank you

    • Thank you Heather. I used to write about military life things back in the day. We retired from army life several years ago, but I think my site is still shared here and there in the military circles. :) I’m glad the devotional spoke to you!

  3. Listened to your story just thought I might add my name is constance also and my mother named me as you mentioned steadfast, she named me Constance Hope because when I was born everyone was constantly hopeing for peace . Your story really brought that home to me in these times of worry. Thank you for reminding me of this fact.

  4. I just listened to your devotional. I agree and am sharing with others. It is sad to see what is happening in our country and our world. Thank you for sharing and know that you are in my prayers! We must stay stong in out faith.


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