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Feathered visitors to the homestead.

The Ducks | A Good Life Farm Photography

Nearly every morning and every evening we’ll hear the sounds of “Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!” coming from outside. There is a quartet of ducks that come from a nearby farm to visit.

Now in truth, when they first started showing up, it was summer and the garden was in full swing. They would show up, poop all over the carport and devour Wilson’s food in an instant.

Wilson was the little rooster who also came from the neighbor’s farm one day. He became our mascot, and lived on the porch.

The Ducks | A Good Life Farm Photography

Until an owl ate him.

Then the ducks discovered the garden, and began destroying everything in sight. In particular, they decimated my purslane flowers. I was not a happy camper and had declared war on the ducks. I won battle and eventually the ducks quit coming around for several months.

Then they came back.

At this point though, they aren’t really a bother. We have fenced in the garden area, so there’s nothing for them to destroy. Wilson became owl food, so there’s none if his around to draw them to the carport. They simply come to visit.

The Ducks | A Good Life Farm Photography

We can live with that.

The Ducks | A Good Life Farm Photography

The Ducks | A Good Life Farm Photography


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