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When I last checked in with you all, we were in Oregon, and our next stop, was the magnificent Great Redwood forest.

The Great Redwood Forest
The Great Redwood Forest

That morning we got up and headed through Grant’s Pass, Oregon – a lovely little town, and headed South and West.


I have been going through withdrawals from writing, by the way! So much has gone on since the last time I had usable internet. We have traveled all the way across the country through Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and have arrive in Tennessee at Mamaw & Papaw’s house.

And so, as we traveled down the Redwood Highway, we crossed into California.


As we drove along, we saw a gorgeous, blue river down in a ravine along the road. We stopped at a pull off, and let the kids scramble down the path to it. This was the Smith River. How fitting!



And down the road, the trees started getting bigger, and bigger.


And then we officially arrived in the National Forest.


Along the highway, there was a scenic route called the Newton B. Drury Parkway. We pointed our truck down that way, and stopped at a detour called “The Big Tree.” This is not the big tree.

DSC_2481_edited-1 copy

My daughter…and this is not the big tree either.

DSC_2488_edited-1 copy

The kiddos on a huge stump


This is The Big Tree! The Big Tree is 304 feet tall, and 21 feet in diameter!


Walking for the Cathedral trees trail.


My boys climbing Cathedral trees. You can’t tell from this picture how tall they are.


But now you can!


My silly son. He’s in that “men don’t smile in pictures” phase. Heaven help me!



Here, I was standing inside a hollowed out, burnt tree – looking up. I think it has been struck by lightning a few times!


My son and I in the hollowed out tree.



After getting back on the road, we continued down the “parkway” and stopped at Elk Meadow, where it is said you can often see Roosevelt Elk. And guess what?


There was also a nearby geocache (GC18811)…this was the location of some of the filming of Jurassic Park 2 – so as we drove in, I cried out “Don’t go into the long grass!!” I know. I’m a dork, hehehe.



And then we headed down to Trinidad, California for our next stay.

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