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There are things that you learn about when you live in a climate with REAL cold weather.

Of course, I’m not talking about North Carolina cold, or even Wisconsin cold. I’m talking about cold like this:


Yeah, you’re reading that right.

At those temperatures, you learn some things. Here’s a baker’s dozen of interesting things about these kinds of temps.

1) Never, EVER rub your face or eyes when you are out in these temps, or just came in from them. Your eyebrows or eyelashes could snap off!

2) Never go out with damp hair – or the above could happen there, too.

3) It is a strange sensation for the moisture of your breath to freeze to your nose hairs when you breathe.

4) ALWAYS put HEET in your gasoline, or it could freeze, and you are going nowhere.

5) At these temperatures, the liquid crystals in your digital display on your vehicle’s dash freeze. Forget reading the clock or the radio display, or anything like that.

6) Your contacts will freeze while you are wearing them outside. Blink often to keep them moist and warm, or they may harden and pop off your eyes.

7) You can make cool decorations out of ice and hang them outside, and they will stay for MONTHS.

8) You could also use the backseat of your car if your freezer breaks down. The meat will definitely stay frozen.

9) You don’t have to worry about shoveling the driveway. It is too cold to snow.

10) You can throw a pot of boiling water, or your hot coffee in the air, and it will freeze before it hits the ground.

11) The ignition and knobs and other moving parts in your vehicle can freeze, and to start the truck in the morning, you may need to take a hair dryer to the ignition.

12) And you can’t plug your blow dryer into just any cord. It has to be a BLUE cord. The blue ones are made for the cold. Any other, the metal wires inside will freeze and snap. Toss it in the garbage.

13) You know how when you are parked in the driveway, the spot where your tire sits on the pavement and creates a little flat surface? Ummm… yeah. You’ll be driving down the road going thumpity-thumpity-thumpity-thumpity the whole way, because the flat spots aren’t going away…they are frozen that way.

So while it seems crazy to imagine this kind of cold…it sure is pretty!


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