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In this chat, I briefly touched on why I keep Shabbat, which is something I get asked quite often.

In this chat I briefly touched on why I keep Shabbat, which is something I get asked quite often.

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Watch this bible chat in the video below:

The bible I am reading from here is the CJB. I also use the TLV and NASB versions.

I talk about why I like the CJB in this video.

As always, I don’t ask anyone to agree with me – read your bible and sharpen your iron :)

2 thoughts on “Why I Keep Shabbat (Video)”

  1. I am so glad I found your page. After reading my Bible I also started following the sabbath on Saturday. People ask if I am Jewish. Don’t know but I want to do what God wants, then I learned that Constantine was the one that changed the day of worship, followed by the Catholics. I love and want to follow Gods laws. I am near end of my7threading ( King James Version) have so much more to learn .
    Thanks for what you do!

  2. Hi, found your You Tube channel when looking for a corn relish recipe. Then I felt led to go to your Website. I was so happy to see your video on keeping Shabbat! Isn’t it wonderful?! We are also so blessed to have a Messianic fellowship here in Macon, Ga. Beth Yeshua International.

    Lisa Shepley


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