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3 thoughts on “DIY Pantry Storage Ideas”

  1. Wow. You are a genius with wood and storage solutions! Love your pantry ideas. We also looked at the “popular” plans for can storage but something about them didn’t seem right so we never built it… you improved it 1000%. I didn’t quite understand everything you said bc of the angle of the view. Do you have anything written down about or other pics of this project? I really enjoy your blog, instagram and youtube and am glad I’ve found you. I’m learning a lot and am constantly impressed by your energy, creativity and positive attitude. Blessings.

    • Thank you Andrea! I’ve lived in many houses over the years – 19 homes in 25 years of army life, so I have learned to be creative with storage. LOL
      I do not have written plans yet, but as soon as I have a chance, I do have that on my list to do :)

  2. Would you have a way and be willing to share the plans on how to build the can rack? My husband is pretty handy but like to see detailed steps before he begins a project. Also even if the pantry shelves aren’t painted or stained, they are very pretty with your beautiful canning!! Those pickles made my mouth water!! Thank you for sharing your talent & knowledge.


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