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Seriously, this is what I love about Alaska. How many places can you look out your window or back door and see these?


All winter I have been waiting. We have this row of crab apple trees. I just knew at some point that a moose would come to nibble on them. Sure enough! It was pretty early, and still rather dark out, but I was able to manage a few photos.



She went from tree to tree, munching away.




Until she noticed something.


And they noticed her. Look how her hackles came up! The neighbor’s two dogs saw the moose, and flipped out. Then my heart skipped, as she charged the dogs!


Thankfully she stopped and the dogs’ owners were able to get them inside.

Moose vs Dogs = Moose wins!


And then she was gone.

8 thoughts on “Do You have These in Your Backyard?”

  1. WOW! Nope I will never get to see one of these in Australia – dreaming of a trip to Alaska now – thanks love your blog !!! Jody

  2. How cool! I was in Alaska about 10 years ago, my mom was convinced she saw a moose, up the road, but when we drove past it it turned out to be a mailbox… she never did see a real moose on the trip.


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