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What is “dry canning?” Is it safe? Will I do it? Today, I talked about that and answered several other canning questions. (And made an announcement.)

Watch this episode:

I just want to add as a follow-up to the video – I know that I may get some push back about the dry canning, in which case I would say, “you do you.”

But as for me and my kitchen, it ain’t happening. I am sincerely concerned about people who are new to canning doing something that can be dangerous, harming themselves or their family.

Again, I would refer you to the article on dry canning, below.

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  1. Thank GOODNESS, you don’t agree with dry canning! I didn’t have time to watch the video but I was hoping to see your answer. LOL, I’ve watched you enough over time to be pretty sure you wouldn’t do it.


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