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Today I am sharing with you, the blend of essential oils that I use to give my fingers some relief from my lasting gift of contracting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Arthritic joints.

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Essential Oils for Arthritis - A helpful post from Cosmopolitan Cornbread

I have used natural remedies and herbs for many years when it comes to my family’s health and treating ailments. But until recently, I had never tried using oils. That is until one day I was suffering from a reoccurrence of my old whiplash injury and a friend rubbed an oil blend into my neck. I had been in misery for a couple weeks, and within an hour I felt almost 100% better!

Because of that, I have been learning a bit about using essential oils, and using them for more purposes.  Seeing as I now have arthritic joints in my hands, the last thing I want is to take pain killers all the time, so I turned to my friend who gave me a blend to try. It worked! Since then I have “tweaked” the blend just a bit, and continue to use it on the days that my joints are “talking” to me.

I know that arthritis is something that many people suffer from, and maybe this can help you as well. That is why I am sharing it.

Here’s what I use:


In the bottle, I put 15-25 drops of each of the essential oils. I use equal amounts of each one. So if I need a strong blend, I put 25 drops of each. If I need a gentler blend, I used 15 drops of each. You can start somewhere in the middle and see what you think.

After I put all of the essential oils into the bottle, I fill it the rest of the way up with the fractionated coconut oil. That is a “carrier” oil, to help spread the other oils wher you need them. There are many kinds of carrier oils, such as grape seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and others.

Once I fill the bottle, I simply add the roller ball top and lid. Turn it over a few times to blend the oils together. Then as I need it, I roll the bottle across my joints and gently rub the oil into my hands. On severe days, I will work the oil into the backs of my hands, up to my wrists as well.

I hope this can be of help to you!

NOTE: Remember, I’m not a doctor and I can’t guarantee this will work for you. Everyone’s body chemistry is different, and there are different kinds of arthritis. This is simply what has worked for me, and maybe you can find relief with it as well. Do your homework and see what options are out there!

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  1. I just recently started using essential oils. I’m still learning. I never know where you are supposed to put the stuff. I put some on my feet because it was suggested. Thank you for sharing.


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