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Everyone has their own method to their madness called homeschooling. One of the subjects that I often hear people struggling with is how to incorporate some sort of art into their school day.


Some may not consider this “art” but for my young man, it definitely is. Fly-Tying is an art for him. It allows him to create and dream up new “bugs” to entice the fish to bite.



A few days each week, we set aside some time for Jack to get creative. He can spend his time creating bugs…with an audience of course.



Some kids are perfectly happy with clay and water colors. I love to paint. I love to draw..and would love for that to be “art class” in our home. But what would happen if we did that?

My son would die of boredom.

Why not nurture the creative spirit with whatever it is that your student enjoys?



If schooling is going to be “war” – why not make it a warfare that your students will have a blast with?



I mean really – homeschooling allows you the freedom to teach with your own style. And that style can include a creative take on creative arts.

How do YOU inspire that creative spirit in homeschooling?

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