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Our next stop was a beautiful place called Muncho Lake.

When Jeff was a kid, his family drove through this way, and stayed here at Muncho Lake. Jeff caught his very first Lake Trout here, so it was a place of fond memories for him.

Muncho Lake, population: 29.

The first resident we met after checking in? This guy.


This squirrel was all over the place. Checking us out, watching us, inspecting what we were doing. It was completely unafraid of us. At one point he climbed up on the table and looked at Jeff while he was holding a fishing pole…and began to climb the pole! It was hilarious.

The place we stayed at, was called Northern Rockies Lodge. It is a very nice, family-run place. Very clean, and the view? Amazing.

As usual….it was raining. But that didn’t stop this float plane from landing on the lake right after we set up. Very cool.




One of the most distinctive things about Muncho Lake, is the amazing color of the water. When the rain would stop and the sky would brighten just a bit, the color really showed.


Just gorgeous.


Muncho Lake gets its color from the copper oxide that leaches from the mountains around it. The lake is 7 miles long, 1 mile wide, 730 feet deep, and surrounded by mountains 7,000 feet high.



And so much for pictures. Here comes the rain again….


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