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The last place we stayed in Canada, was Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. Whitehorse was the first real “civilization” we saw in Canada for some time.

Most of the towns are very small, and have little there. Whitehorse made our family very happy. It had Starbucks AND Tim Horton’s….two of them! LOL

The morning started out…raining! Imagine that. But with the rain, came a lovely rainbow.


Along the way, we made another stop at a rest stop and scenic location. This one was called Rancheria Falls.


It has a boardwalk leading back into the woods.



Which lead to a lovely waterfall.





Later that day, we saw another beautiful rainbow!


We stopped at one point for lunch, and I thought this stump was really neat looking.


Another place we stopped along the way, was Teslin.


There was a gas station/motel/restaurant/RV park there that had a beautiful wildlife display inside. And statues outside.


Arriving in Whitehorse.


The boys loved the woods behind our camp area. I think this was the nicest RV park we stayed at on our whole trip. And get this….


IT DIDN’T RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amazing, I know.





We celebrated our last night in Canada…and a night of NO RAIN by grilling steaks and Korean ribs over a campfire. Yum!

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  1. Hi! I came across your blog from a Pinterest search. My family and I will be taking a road trip from Seattle to Alaska in June of this year, and I was wondering if you remember which Rv park you stayed at in Whitehorse? Any other helpful /road trip information would be great, thanks!!


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