A 3,500lb Roll of Bathroom Tissue?!

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Come on a tour of Georgia-Pacific’s Naheola Mill with me and learn all about what they are doing in Pennington, Alabama.

Georgia Pacific in Alabama
Georgia Pacific in Alabama

As one of the leading employers of Alabama residents, Georgia-Pacific is truly ingrained in daily Alabama life.  GP facilities directly employ more than 2,600 people, paying more than $204 million in direct wages and benefits, and creating more than 9,300 jobs indirectly in the state. The Naheola mill currently employs more than 900 people and produces retail bath tissue and paper towels used by consumers across the county. 

One thing that struck me most, was meeting the people that work at the mill. I was touched by how much they loved their jobs and the true pride they take in the products that they’re making. Some families even have multiple generations working in the mill year after year!

Find out more about Georgia-Pacific by visiting their website, GP.com

Watch the Adventure Here:


Find out more about Georgia-Pacific by visiting their website.

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