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Learn how to correctly measure ingredients, and get free printable reference charts.

measuring flour for sourdough biscuits biscuits
measuring flour

In today’s lesson, I shared how to correctly measure liquid and dry ingredients, how to use a kitchen scale, and I talked about some common measurement conversions.

Parents, have your students watch and measure along with me while they are watching the lesson.

You will need:

  • liquid measuring cup
  • dry measuring cups
  • measuring spoons
  • a small pitcher of water
  • a dry ingredient (like cornmeal, small pasta, rice or flour)
  • a straight edge (butter knife or offset spatula)
  • a large spoon to scoop flour (if measuring flour – See the video)
  • kitchen scale
  • small bowl
  • a towel may be handy for clean-up

TIP: Have your students practice their measuring skills by helping you prepare meals. They can measure your ingredients, and you can ask them which measuring tool they need. Have them demonstrate how to measure each ingredient.

Watch Home Ec Lesson 3 Here:

Below you will find resources referenced in the video:

If there are 3 teaspoons in a Tablespoon…
And 16 Tablespoons in a cup…
And 2 cups in a pint…
Then 3 x 16 x 2 = 96 teaspoons in a pint

Click Here to Download the Free Reference Chart and Practice Questions

I also have an easy measurement conversion chart, with common abbreviations you see in the kitchen.

Click Here to Download the Free Conversion and Abbreviation Reference

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