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In this episode – a trip to the vet, an antique store find and how made my farmhouse kitchen light.

How I Made My Farmhouse Kitchen Light | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

If you prefer, you can watch this video, How I Made My Farmhouse Kitchen Light – directly on the YouTube Channel.

THIS LIGHT is similar to the one I used to create it, but as mentioned in the video, this one has longer cords (and more lights.) It is the one that I plan to replace the current one with.

Mentioned in this episode: A 3,500lb Roll of Bathroom Tissue?!

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  1. Your light is amazing, love it!! My Dad worked and retired from Georgia Pacific (Crown Zellerbach and James River, previously named) for 47 years before retiring. It was in Camas Wa, a small “mill” town. I used to love touring the mill. Smelled so good and the intense water pressure used to debark the trees was crazy. They stopped chipping and making their own pulp before he retired so things were definitely changing. Most of the men in my extended family worked there. They provided a great living for them all.


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