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I get this a lot: “Are you a Christian or are you Jewish? I’m so confused!” Today I talk about my journey of faith and what I believe.

I shared this story on my YouTube channel, but chose to share it here on the blog as well, since I do make my faith a big part of it here.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Traditional Church | My Story”

  1. This was left off my comment…Christian is born of His Holy Spirit and adopted by our Father and walking in the truth of His Word, being sanctified daily ..more to His likeness ……a sister in Jesus

  2. Connie…..I m impressed by your testimony……just stick with “Resurrection Day” because it’s a most important part of Passover…
    ..and as to shabot…..my journey took me to staying with Sunday worship because He arose on the first day of the week……and the disciples gathered on the first day of the week……I’ve heard of those folk celebrating Chabot….and passover ,who worship Jesus as Saviour and Lord…..but Sunday is my day….thanks for the wonderful testimony……


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