How to Substitute Powdered Pectin for Liquid Pectin

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Liquid and powdered pectins can not be simply switched out in a recipe. However, if you know the right way to do it, it is possible to successfully make the substitution in your preserving.

It is always best to follow a preserves recipe the way it is written. But if you find yourself in a pinch, this is how you would go about changing the pectin for a recipe.

What Pectin Can You Substitute?

When substituting powdered pectin for liquid, you will use regular or original powdered pectin, not the low/no sugar version.

When to Add the Pectin

First, when you put the pectin in, depends upon what kind of pectin you are using.

Liquid pectin is added to a recipe at the end, after your fruit, sugar and other ingredients have cooked.

Powdered pectin is combined with the fruit/juice at the beginning of the recipe. The sugar is not added yet. You will bring the powdered pectin and fruit mixture to a full boil, and boil for 1 minute. Then add the sugar, and cook & stir until it is all dissolved, before continuing with the recipe.

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Pectin Quantity

A pouch of liquid pectin and a pouch of powdered pectin can not be substituted 1-for-1.

1 pouch liquid = 2 Tb powdered

2 pouches liquid = 4 Tb or 1 pouch (1.75 oz) powdered pectin

A typical pouch of powdered pectin (1.75 oz.) contains 4 tablespoons of powdered pectin. That is why you will often see the liquid come in 2 pouches, and powdered pectin comes with 1 pouch. You’ll need much less of the powdered pectin when switching them out.

Understanding these rules will also allow you to use liquid pectin in a recipe that calls for powdered.

The Exception

Sometimes a recipe will specify to not change the pectin. In that situation, it is best to use the type of pectin that the recipe calls for.

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How to Substitute Powdered Pectin for Liquid Pectin in a Recipe | Cosmopolitan Cornbread

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