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The farmhouse kitchen renovation is finally finished! Take a tour and see how I took a plain, ordinary kitchen and transformed it into the farmhouse kitchen that was meant to be on our homestead.

This is what the kitchen looked like when we toured the home as potential buyers.

Here is what it looks like now!

Farmhouse Kitchen Tour - The Farmhouse renovation project.

Another “before”

And after…

farmhouse kitchen renovation tour - before and after

Walk through and watch the kitchen tour to see everything that has taken place since we purchased our property.

Below the video you will find links to all of the videos, projects and tutorials mentioned in this video. I shared the paint colors and all of the materials used.

Watch the Farmhouse Kitchen Tour:

Resources and Helpful Information:

The Shiplap Ceiling

The ceiling was done in a faux shiplap treatment. It was extremely cost-effective and simple to do. You can see how it was done here: DIY Shiplap for our Farmhouse Ceiling Project

The ceiling is painted with the Valspar Signature, Satin paint in “Dove White.

Wall Color

The walls are painted with Valspar Signature, Satin in the “Ivy Shadow” color.

The Ornate Vent Covers

The vent covers we installed are in a clover pattern and were ordered from the Pacific Register Company.

The Cabinets

The cabinets (original and new additions) are painted with Valspar Ultra, High Gloss in the “Ultra White” color. (Tinted as ultra white, not straight off the shelf.)

The cabinet wall was made with 6 units of 30 x 36″ stock wall cabinets.

The lovely jadeite knobs were ordered from D. Lawless Hardware.

The cast iron style handles were ordered from Amazon.


The overhead light that I installed to replace the “tube” light is a simple “restoration” style light.

The rustic light project can be seen here: How I Made My Farmhouse Kitchen Light

The DIY Spice Rack

My spice rack was very easy to make, and the design can be customized to fit your needs and space. See how I made it here: How to Make an Easy DIY Spice Rack

The spice jars I have came from Amazon: Mini Jars with Hinged Lids

My Water Filter:

The water filter I have is an AlexaPure Pro. It is like a Berkey, but not a Berkey :)

I explain all about it here: My Water Filtration System

Farmhouse Kitchen Tour - A Before and After look at creating a farmhouse look from a plain, ordinary kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Farmhouse Kitchen Tour | All the Details of the Reno Project”

  1. Your kitchen is beautiful to be called a Farm Kitchen….:) Love all the cabinets, can not have enough of those….I sure could use some too. I have room for a dishwasher, or either I could buy a cabinet to go there next to my kitchen sink….but oh my they are so expensive….like buying a dishwasher….. I can not believe it….
    I had to buy a washer and cost me almost $1,000. and the one I had was a set, dryer is still good, so did not buy a dryer….that would probably have been $3,000. My first set here was less than a $1ooo and I’ve been here 11 yrs….can not believe how expensive they have gotten….
    Do you make the Reese Cup candy bars ? I’m looking for some miniature pans for those, I have the reg. muffin pans….and where can you find the candy papers cups for the miniature ones ? If you know would appreciate it and your recipe and I’d like a link of your recipe….or just tell me the name of it and I’m sure I can find it on your site…..
    Thanks Constance…..How is your youngest Son doing? Did he ever go back to the Army or into something else….?.
    First time I’ve seen you on Twitter… a while…..I can see you have been busy…..take care…..always loved your videos and wondered how you could do so much…..
    I could use some of your energy…..:)

  2. What a beautiful transformation!!! I wish I had the same kind of eyesight creativity. Now I am looking around at my kitchen trying to visualize something different.

    Great job! Thank you for sharing.

    God’s Blessings,


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